I open and I pass on.

120x100cm - 2024
120x100cm - 2024
100x80cm - 2024
30x35cm - 2023
30x40cm - 2023
24x30cm - 2023
30x35cm - 2023
30x40cm - 2023
170x150cm - 2023
40x30cm - 2021
40x40cm - 2021
100x120cm - 2021/2023
I like to keep things simple and at the same time I’m very much interested in the (sub)consciousness of myself and others, which is not so simple at all.  
I use my art to simplify and understand partially this rich complex (sub)conscious world.
I play around with materials and/or images and create a stil life. This stil life symbolizes the inner world.  

When I feel the urge to paint or draw the stil life I know the connection is there. Painting or drawing it confirms this connection and reveals it through new materials, colors, size and style which have all their own symbolism in the work. 

I have a gift of also depicting other people’s energy.  
So some of these paintings are about others. It´s a great way to support.